Usually I did indoor training using Golden Cheetah and virtual power from speed and cadance. I use Minoura trainer B60 with 3 level and I use heaviest (level 3) . From GC virtual power profile I use B60 , so I did FTP test and my result 300 watt and it’s woow , since I didn’t have real power meter sensor, I can not measure the real power of my training.

Now I use stages power meter and surprise I did fatal mistake on choosing  virtual power profile. I did a little test , and found the power profile for Minoura B60 on level 3 is similar with Minoura V100 level 4 ( when choosing virtual power profile on Golden Cheetah) and now my latest FTP is 212 watt.









Picture above from my test using stages power meter,  compare with  V100 level 4 power curve , on 32.4 Km/h , power generate is 229 watt , so it’s so close to real power meter reading.