Recently I want to setup a FTP system which can used to access HTTPD file, the FTP user will can add / modify or delete file or directory on /var/www/html which it is the httpd document root.

I just follow the instruction from howtoforge for Pure-FTPD with mysql support. Recently I realize that tutorial dedicated to buid a FTP with no have relation with httpd.

When I try to login to my ftp it can login well but the user will be “read-only” because the FTP home folder owner is apache user. For example my FTP user cacti with home user /var/www/html/cacti.

To accommodate my needs I need to adjust some parameter on pure-ftpd config ( /etc/pure-ftpd/pure-ftpd.conf ) , find “MinUID” string and set it to apache UID / for example on my server apache UID is 48 , now set MinUID to 48. Restart your Pure-FTPD server and test it ^^