Took 2 weeks for me to decide buy edge 510 , we know the unit too pricey and still not sure about the function for value. The other difficult reason are the bad review, if you googling about garmin edge problem you’ll find ton of complain posting.

Searching other brand like sigma , bryton , wahooo give me other confusion , still no fit with garmin feature. Finnaly , I got garmin edge 510 also with worry inside 😀

When device came , check the firmware , the version shows 2.7 and directly update to 3.2 and start test the device. After several days , here my review for this device :

Connection :
Bluetooth pair with smartphone (Motorola G 4.4.3 Kitkat) not smooth enough , after workout and save the result the device can not connect with smartphone. The solution for now, turn of the device , turn on smartphone bluetoooth then turn on garmin edge. Smartphone and device will connect smoothly

Application :
Came with garmin connect , this device bacome so cool , automatically it sent workout result to strava , trainingpeaks , myfitnespall after I sync the device and smartphone ofcouse you need setup the authentification first with that application

Right now I am very satisfy with this devices, I can do indoor workout or outdoor workout with more fun 😉