When I plug my USB pen drive to my friend computer that SmartDav antivirus installed there, it will automatically create a autorun.inf folder and make some special directory there called “con” and on that directory it also create another directory called “Locked by SmartDav … bla … bla … bla”

The annoying  problem when I plug my USB pen drive to my own computer with Avira antivirus installed, the Avira Active Guard seem scan the “autorun.inf” folder then Lock It.

When I want to eject my USB pen drive it can’t be done, It said my USB pen drive being used :(.  I think the the “special” folder created by SmartDav must be removed.

The special folder created by SmartDav can not delete using normal way, it will say “Can not find specific File” or “Invalid Parameter”.  After googling I found some trick how to remove it. Here the trick :

1. Open Command Promt

2. J:\>rd /S \\.\j:\autorun\con\

“J”  is my USB pen drive and It will ask confirmation, hit “Y” to confirm then The autorun.inf folder and it sub folder will automatically deleted 🙂