For me, verify my pay pal account is a such great work. I imagine must have credit card, pay monthly fee, it’s not much but annoying for me.

Few days ago after surfing the net, I found very simple way to verify my paypal, use VCC 🙂 After some talk with the provider, I decide to transfer some money to their bank account, I use BNI, the cost was 75.000 IDR or $8. After the money transfer, I confirmed to the provider, using Yahoo Messenger they guide me step by step to verify my pay pal account, and less than 5 minute my pay pal account has verified 🙂

Add this person ( to your yahoo messenger and say you want verify your pay pal account. They usually online at 18.00 to 24.00 (GMT+7)

PS :
I write this post especially for Indonesian people who has difficulties to verify their pay pal account 🙂