I just move my internet package to semi unlimited package, the package promised will get 384 kbps downstream speed and 72 kbps upstream, and the speed will downgraded to 128 kbps download speed if the data for a month over thant 3 Gb [ don't laugh, it's indonesia ;) ]

First time use it, it work fine, but a weird thing happen in a night, I feel my speed was slower that when I first time used it. Curious about that, I use BitMeter software and test my connection. I saw my connection stuck in 128 kbs rate, even I am not reached the 3 Gb limit :))


Then I try to reboot my modem. the re connect to the ISP … test my speed again and the weird thing happen again, I got 384 kbps rate :)) it’s so funny … the billing system seem un perfect, even It a biggest ISP in Indonesia :))