It’s long time for me to not back up data on my laptop to DVD, this afternoon I decide to backup my data on DVD. When I complete do compilation with nero and start burning the data, a annoying happen, It’s need more than 30 minute to pass burning 700Mb file on 8X speed what a very-very slow burning speed. T,T

I though my DVD writer on my laptop is bad or damage since it’s has 3 year server me, then I decide to find out on google. I found information that the DVD drive randomly change the data transfer mode to PIO only.

I check my “device manage” on my XP, go to IDE ATA /ATAPI Controller I double click Primary IDE controller , Advance Setting and found the transfer mode now is PIO only T,T that the source of my burning trouble T,T woooaahh ….

I change the transfer mode to DMA if available and click okay … woallah my burning process speed increase dramatically ….. 🙂