It’s a story when I start as freelance programmers. Begin at a biding process on scriptlance, there was a project to build “vacation reservation system”. It’s very interesting for me and then I bid for that project.

When the bidding still in progress my account was suspended because some kind violation by me, so I can not continue bid for while.

When I check my web visitor message I got some message from some one call “punithan” with email “” he said he is the person in scriptlance that make “vacation reservation” project

After some chat, he ask me to do this project, and I just trust him. The project done in 3 days, and it’s very hard for me.

Time goes, I asked him about my payment and he said he will pay after he negotiate with his client.

Couple weeks without contact, he ask me to install dolphin script on, kind of social network script from, he promise me will pay for this and my past project using western union.

Day by day I ask him when my payment come and he didn’t answer my message. I just curious about him, today when I am surfing I got this link

Now I know, I am not the first person who has been cheated by webzworks and maybe also someone who won the project in scriptlance seems didn’t paid too.

It’s not good attitude dude !!!! why you doing your business by cheating someone ?