Have you play Happy Aquarium Facebook application ? we just crazy about it,  you will got a virtual aquarium, you can virtually buy some kind of fish and other aquarium accessories to placed on your aquarium. Actually it need one day to make your babay fish to grow up into adult , kind a weird (it’s just game, common).

Every we feed the fish or cleaning the aquarium we will get some point, after some couple point we got a higher level. With higher level, we can buy many kind of fish and many kind of accessories.

So it need loooonggg time to grow up your level, so how to make it little faster ?

It’s easy, buy many fish as you can and much fish food, feed you fish, you will get point. As normal, we need to wait a couple hour to make our fish hungry and feed them again, but we can make it more faster ^,^

Change you computer date, make it 1 day faster, you fish will suddenly gonna hungry [and grow adult too], feed them, after the not hungry again, change you computer date 1 day faster again repeat again as you like :)

PS : you can sell you fish if you need some coin