Just finished watch 10 episode of Full Metal Panic session one and I got some deja vu, There are many similarity between Gundam 00 dan Full Metal Panic. First I watched Full Metal Panic when I was high school and played on local broadcast television. Now when I watch it again I fell some deja vu with 00 Gundam. Here some similarity :

00 Gundam : Full Metal Panic

Gundam : Arm Slave (Mecha Name)

Celestial Being : Mithril (Military Unit Name)

Setsuna F Seiei : Sousuke Sagara
(Main character, both with middle east face and character, and both grow at war zone)

Kamal Majirif : Kashim (alias name, represent a middle east name)

Exia : ARX-7 Arbalest.(Botha are Mele Mecha Fighter)

Sumeragi Lee Noriega : Teletha Tessa Testarossa. (Captain of the ship are female)

Trans Arm : Lamda Driver (Mecha extend capability)

… thats why make me deja vu when watch Full Metal Panic. anything else ??