This step how to update you clamav to the latest version using OpenBSD Ports :

Extract OpenBSD 4.4 ports packages, should be ports.tar.tgz , extract it to /usr/ports
use this command

#tar zxf ports.tar.gz -C /usr

Delete the clamav ports tree , we should do this because some patch from original OpenBSD 4.4 ports will make conflict with the newest clamav version (0.94.2)

#rm -rf /usr/ports/security/clamav

Now , get some OpenBSD CVS to get the news clamav ports source


Get the clamav ports source

#cd /usr
#cvs -q get -P ports/infrastructure/db/user.list
#cvs -q get -P ports/security/clamav

Then Compile it :

#cd ports/security/clamav
#make install

The news clamav now in your OpenBSD box :)