Yesterday I got report from my client website, he tell me that he can not login on their administrator panel, then I ask what browser that he use, he said Internet Explorer. After couple hour I did some test, I use IE to access administrator panel, then the web panel say I am not login, just like redirected to some page that If I am not login yet I will redirected in to it.

After googling , I found information that say there a problem with server clock, since I got server access ( thanks to someone that allow me in :) ) I adjust server clock same as my computer clock. SurpriseĀ  ….. I test from IE everything work fine just like there nothing happen.

Then I run a little test, my session expire setting is 7200 (2 hour), I change my computer clock 1 hour faster, I test the administrator panel again and everything work fine.

Then I adjust my computer clock 3 hour faster (more that session expire setting) then my administrator panel fail to work again …. just wondering how could be like this :(

For now I move my application to native PHP Session …. lot work to do